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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main allergens? Soybeans and wheat gluten

Where are they made? The wings are being produced in New Jersey, at the Rutgers Food Innovation Center

Ingredients in the wings ? Water, Chickpeas, Chickpea Protein, Gluten (from wheat), Sunflower Oil, Soybeans, Nutritional Yeast, Salt.

Gluten free ? No, they have wheat gluten in them.

How to thaw them? Leave them in the fridge at 4°c/ 40F until they need to be cooked

What is the skin made of? Our skin is made with a protein-lipid film that we developed, using only natural ingredients

Do you use any binders? We do not use extrusion for making our wings so we do not need any of the binders most plant-based companies use

What is the shelf life? You can keep our wings frozen for 6 months

What is the stick made of? The stick is made of birch wood